Why Do Research?

SUNY Buffalo State has a long and distinguished tradition of engaging undergraduate students in high-quality research and creative activities. Completing research provides students with hands-on experience in their chosen field, equips them with the problem-solving and presentation skills needed in the workplace, and creates professional relationships between students and faculty mentors.

A few words from those who know the benefits of student research firsthand.


Provost Melanie Perreault

"Undergraduate research is a hallmark program for Buffalo State College. Here, students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty members on important projects in ways that would be impossible at larger universities. We believe that experiential education is a foundation for engaged learning and academic success, and our undergraduate research program is recognized nationally as model of excellence."


Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow Angela Lopez

“My Summer Research Fellowship afforded me the opportunity to examine dance from an academic vantage point rather than simply an artistic one. It allowed me to approach my field of study with a kind of professionalism that I feel is unmatched at the undergraduate level.”


Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow Arielle Austin

“My research involved sexing and genotyping 200 Canadian loon blood samples from three different provinces in western Canada. After working for eight weeks, full time, in the lab with my mentor, I saw a huge change in my way of thinking—less like a student and more like an experienced researcher.”


Henry Zomerfeld, '11

"The Undergraduate Research Program gave me the confidence and resources to prepare quality research work on same-sex marriage that I presented to political science scholars. That work was later published as a book chapter. Now, as a practicing attorney, I regularly apply the research, writing, and public speaking skills that I honed during my summer research fellowship to serve my clients in all facets of litigation."


Sarah McNutt, '11

“The research program is really important, especially for those of us in the arts, because it teaches us about new approaches to tackling creative projects,” said McNutt, who received a full fellowship to Kansas State University to pursue a master of fine arts. “I’m really excited about my future and, because of the undergraduate research program at Buffalo State, I feel prepared to take on new challenges.”

Undergraduate Research

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