Preparing Your Artist Statement

Preparing Your Artist Statement


Pick a title that is descriptive and interesting. For example, the use of humor in your title or an interesting association or combination of words may serve to attract attention to your presentation (e.g, "There’s Something Fishy Here: Oceanography Inspires Design").

Shorter titles generally are better than longer ones.

Keep in mind that the title is your first and best chance to interest and inform your audience about your presentation.

Artist Statement

Limit the length of your artist statement to 200 words or less. Your artist statement should clearly describe what creative work(s) will be shared with the audience. In most cases, artist statements also include:

  • an explanation of what motivated or inspired you
  • what you want the audience to see, experience and/or feel when they view your work
  • any interesting aspects of the materials or techniques used
  • any other information that will help the audience interpret and appreciate the work you are exhibiting or performing.

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