Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I conduct research as an undergraduate?
Undergraduate research allows you to apply what you’ve learned in class, explore a specific topic in greater depth, and interact closely with your faculty mentor. The experience may help you make decisions about attending graduate school and can enhance your career opportunities. Read firsthand experiences from our faculty and students.

Is research only for science majors?
Absolutely not! At Buffalo State, students in all academic disciplines conduct research and creative activities.

Is research just for juniors and seniors?
Not at Buffalo State. Our programs are open to all students starting in their first year.

How do I get started?
Talk to your professors and let them know you’re interested in doing research.

Is there any funding available to support undergraduate research?
Yes. The Undergraduate Research Office has programs to support materials and travel associated with conducting a project, student stipends to support research being conducted in the summer, and support for expenses associated with travel to regional, national, and international conferences.

Is research only for full-time students?
No, but you should carefully consider how much time you can devote to a project. Conducting undergraduate research is an important academic endeavor and requires a high level of commitment.

Will undergraduate research help me after graduation?
Yes, conducting undergraduate research provides an advantage when seeking employment or admission to graduate or professional school.

Can I conduct undergraduate research and still participate in the national or international exchange program?
Absolutely. In fact, you may be able to combine both and take advantage of your exchange experience to conduct research in another part of the country or overseas. You should talk to your professors and obtain more information from the International Education Office.

Undergraduate Research

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